Alon Zingman, 2010, 91 min, Hebrew, Spanish, Drama

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"One of the best Israeli films produced in recent times"
Uri Klein
"A fascinating drama, excellent acting"
Yehuda Stav
Yediot Aharonot
"A masterpiece of modest cinema that burns the heart"
Alon Hadar
"A unique and brilliant work"
Avner Shavit

Best Debut Feature Award
Haifa International Film Festival, 2010

Winner of the Ecumenical Film Prize
Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival, 2011

Nominated for Best Cinematography
Israeli Film Academy, 2010


Dusk presents several interlinked stories of Israeli reality, all occurring on the same day and all dealing with a crucial moment in the relationship between parents and children.

A single car accident brings together the fate of protagonists from four different stories, as its consequences are gradually revealed during the course of one day. Raffi, a 9 year old immigrant from Argentina, awaiting his belated circumcision operation, learns valuable but hard truths about his own life and his parents. At the same time, Oshri, 21, who just arrived in Israel after an extended journey abroad has to come to terms with her father’s refusal to stop for help after hitting a bicycle rider on their way home from the airport. Work weary and divorced, Chava barely pays enough attention to her 6 year old daughter Gili. When she accidentally discovers the identity of her biological mother, Chava, drags Gili on a ride to follow the woman in question on a day that proves to be her most dramatic. These are twilight hours, where the mist that hovers between generations, between worlds, is lifted. These are stories of atonement, of our need for individual redemption and of our capacity to forgive.


Behind the scenes


Alon Zingman
Alon Zingman


  • Reymonde Amsellem – Hava
  • Orly Zilbershatz – Dalia
  • Shmil Ben- Ari – Alex
  • Rotem Zisman Cohen – Oshri
  • Natalia Faust – Anna
  • Gal Zaid – Dr. Iadin
  • Ian Zentner – Raffi
  • Yaara Pelzig – Tamar
  • Michaela Eshet – Sima
  • Rami Danon – Meshulam


  • Alon Zingman – Director
  • Assaf Amir – Producer
  • Alon Zingman – Scriptwriter
  • Roey Roth – Director of Photography
  • Etty Li-on Zingman – Editor
  • Ron (zik) Zikno – Art Director
  • Zohar Sela – Artistic Advisor
  • Jonathan Albalak – Original Score
  • Yamit Bukai – Costume Design
  • Ashi Milo and Itay Elohev – Sound Recording
  • Yossi Appelbaum – Sound Design
  • Hila Yuval – Casting
  • Nili Levi – Makeup Artist
  • Gili Ran – 1st Assistant Director
  • Maria Feldman – Line Producer
  • Karin Bar – Stills

The film was produced with the support of