The 90 Minute War

Eyal Halfon, 2017, 85 min, Hebrew, Arabic, English and Portuguese, Mockumentary

“Tackles the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a witty and original manner… Ivgy and Issa are wonderful”Shmulik Duvdevani

“Exceptional film in the Israeli cinema scenery. Great locations, skilled cinematography, uplifting music and actors of the highest quality” Mart Parchomovsky


Bob Simon Award
Other Israel Film Festival

Best Actor
Haifa International Film Festival

Best Supporting Actor
Israeli Ophir Awards 

Jury ‘Building Bridges’ Award
Atlanta Jewish Film Festival 2017 


Friends, we’ve found a solution to the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. A football match. The winner gets to stay. The loser leaves, forever, without any claims and whining.

The 90 Minute War is a political fictional satire that captures the drama leading up to the outcome of the game. The story places the Middle East conflict in an entirely different context – a football game. Wild, ridiculous and tragic, the context is not far removed from reality.

Based on a book by Itay Meirson “The 90-Minutes War”.


Behind the scenes


Eyal Halfon
Eyal Halfon


  • Moshe Ivgy – Chairman, Israel Football Association
  • Norman Issa – Chairman, Palestinian Football Association
  • Dative Buck – Jan Muller
  • Alexander Barata – Mario Gomes
  • Paulo Pedregal – Mrs. Gomes
  • Pêpê Rapazote – Carlito
  • Herald Redmer – IFA Official
  • Torsten Knippertz – Press Secretary
  • Majed Bitar – Iad Zuamut


  • Eyal Halfon – Director and Scriptwriter
  • Assaf Amir – Producer and Script Editor
  • Steve Hudson, Sonja Ewers – Producers
  • Adar Shafran, Tammy CohenAssociate Producers
  • Itay Meirson – “The 90 Minutes War” Novel Author
  • Daniel Kedem – Director of Photography
  • Arik Lahav Leibovich – Editor
  • Sandra Guttman – Art Director
  • Ran Shem Tov – Original Score
  • Gil Toren – Music Consultant
  • Ofri Barel – Costume Design
  • Issahar Vishnia – Sound Recording
  • Tilo Busch – Sound Design
  • Merav Nahum  – Casting and Assistant Director
  • Merav Bouchoucha – Makeup Artist
  • Nadine Fraczkowski, Netta Laufer – Stills

The film was produced with the support of