Zion and His Brother

Eran Merav, 2009, 80 min, Hebrew, Drama

Zion and His Brother
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"Writer-director Eran Merav’s debut feature immediately engages with its astute observation, strong perfs and avoidance of melodramatic cliché."
Dennis Harvey
"The acting in Zion and His Brother is first rate. The two young actors, Reuven Badalov and Ofer Hayoun, are both excellent, and I look forward to seeing them in their next movies."
Hannah Brown
The Jerusalem Post

Best Screenplay
Ghent International Film Festival, 2009

Nominated for Grand Prix – Best Movie
Ghent International Film Festival, 2009

Nominated for Grand Jury Prize
Sundance International Film Festival, 2009


Zion and His Brother, Eran Merav's debut feature, is the story of 14-year-old Zion and his older brother whose close relationship is pushed to the test after a horrible accident.

Against the humdrum backdrop of a dreary suburb in the Israeli port city of Haifa, Zion and his brother Meir are facing a crisis in their relationship after a terrible train accident. A neighbor of theirs, an Ethiopian immigrant, has been killed in the accident and they are in some way responsible.  They keep the secret to themselves and it haunts them until, finally, Zion re-examines his loyalty towards his older brother and decides that he is ready to take responsibility for his own life. This is a story of brotherhood that is challenged by the tough questions of jealousy, morality and loyalty.


Behind the scenes


Eran Merav
Eran Merav


  • Reuven Badalov – Zion
  • Ofer Hayun – Meir
  • Ronit Elkabetz – Ilana
  • Tzahi Grad – Elie
  • Meir Dassa – David
  • Liya Lein – Michel


  • Eran Merav – Director
  • Assaf Amir, Yoav Roeh – Producers
  • Marin Karmitz, Nathanael Karmitz, Charles Gillibert – Co-Producers
  • Talia Kleinhendler, Helmut G. Weber, Thomas Springer – Associate Producers
  • Eran Merav – Scriptwriter
  • Itzik Portal – Director of Photography
  • Sari Azouz – Editor
  • Lee Levi – Art Director
  • Blake Williams and Mary Lago Williams – Original Score
  • Li Alembik – Costume Design
  • Ashi Milo – Sound Recording
  • Gil Toren – Sound Design
  • Michal Koren – Casting
  • Ziv Katanov – Makeup Artist
  • Eitan Mansuri – 1st Assistant Director
  • Hillel Roseman – Line Producer
  • Karin Bar – Stills

The film was produced with the support of