Broken Wings

Nir Bergman, 2002, 87 min, Hebrew, Drama

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“Bergman wrote an intelligent and precise screen play and dialogues which encompass within them whole worlds… he directed his film with a sure hand and produced a symphony of emotional power”
Yehuda Stavi
Yedioth Achronoth, July 25, 2002
“…Broken Wings was a surprising choice for this year’s Grand Prix… Broken Wings’ effectiveness lies in its deep, resigned feel…”
Naomi Tajitsu
The Daily Yomiuri
“…Exceptionally subtle and intelligent…”
Amy Taubin
Village Voice
“An elegant, serenely ironic, and accomplished first feature”
Village Voice
“The film is one the most beautiful and moving produced in Israel in recent years… with intelligence, warmth ,understanding and with a good deal of humor”
Uri Klein
Ha’aretz, July 25, 2002
“What a pleasure to discover a young talent, to see a wonderful and moving film, and walk out of the hall with eyes moist from emotion… a combination of tears, laughter and enjoyment”
Gidi Orsher
Army Radio Station, July 25, 2002

Best Film, Best Director, Best Script, Best Actress and Supporting Actress and four more prizes – Israeli Academy Awards, 2002

The Wolgin Award for Best Feature Film and Best Script – Jerusalem int’l FF, 2002

Audience Award, Prize of the Ecumenical Jury, C.I.C.A.E. Award – Berlin International Film Festival, 2003

Tokyo Grand Prix – Tokyo International Film Festival, 2002

John Schlesinger Award – Palm Springs International Film Festival , 2003


"Broken Wings depicts five wounded souls, trying to fill the void left by the death of the father. Sketched by the small dramatic battles, which make up their day-to-day life, the stories Intervene and gradually create an optimistic piece about the force of the family and its power to heal."

This is a realistic drama that takes place in a middle-class Israeli neighborhood and involves the Ulman family – Dafna and her four children. The father has recently died under trivial circumstances and his death has left the family hurting, and in economic straits. It is the beginning of September, the first day of school. In most families this occasion generates excitement; for the Ullmans it produces one crisis after the other. The five-year-old girl suffers from feelings of abandonment, the ten-year-old boy tries to break the world record in the free jump (into an empty swimming pool), the teen-age boy has quit school and works handing out flyers disguised as a mouse. Two women try to function as mothers. One of them, however, is herself only 17 years old.


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Nir Bergman


  • Orly Zilbershatz  – Dafna
  • Maya Maron – Maya
  • Nitai Gvirtz – Yair
  • Dana Ivgy – Iris
  • Daniel Magon – Ido
  • Eliana Magon – Bar
  • Vladimir Freedman – Valentin
  • Danny (“Mooki”) Niv – Yoram


  • Nir Bergman – Director
  • Assaf Amir – Producer
  • Nir Bergman – Scriptwriter
  • Valentin Belonogov – Director of Photography
  • Einat Glaser Zarhin – Editor
  • Ido Dolev – Art Director
  • Avi Belleli – Original Score
  • Jonnie Shualy – Theme song
  • Ada Levin – Costume Design
  • David Lis – Sound Recording
  • Gil Toren – Sound Design
  • Merav Nahoum – Casting
  • Vered Hochman – Makeup Artist
  • Merav Nahoum – 1st Assistant Director
  • Yoav Roeh – Line Producer
  • Binyamin Hiram –  Additional Photography
  • Sharon Bareket, Horesh Wallad – Stills

The film was produced with the support of