Gay Days

Yair Qedar, 2009, 71 min, Hebrew, Documentary

"An important and moving historical document"
Tammy Riklis
"Gay Days, Yair Qedar's new film, takes you on a journey to the old gay struggles alongside some touching personal stories... Like many great documentaries, it is an emotional film with great importance"
Yaniv Halperin
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Berlin International Film Festival 2010

London LGBT Film Festival 2010

Torino GLBT Film Festival 2010

NewFest – New York LGBT Film Festival 2010

OutFest Film Festival Los Angeles 2010

Docaviv International Film Festival 2009

TLVFEST – Tel Aviv LGBT Film Festival 2009


Gay Days is a Documentary film about the emergence of the LGBT community in Israel

In 1985, there were three gays who were out of the closet in Israel. By 1998, there were 3,000. In this short, intensive and dramatic period, Israel came out of the closet in one of the quickest and most colorful revolutions of the end of the 20th century. There was no bloodshed in this revolution, but a rare cooperation between academics, prostitutes, transsexuals, singers, hairdressers and military officers. The director, Yair Qedar, documented this revolution in his newspaper, ‘The Pink Times’. Using rare archival materials, personal stories and touching scenes, and via his own personal diary, the film tells the untold story of the LGBT revolution in Israel in an energetic, bittersweet musical collage.



Yair Qedar


  • Yair Qedar – Director
  • Assaf Amir, Maria Feldman – Producers
  • Dror Lebendiger – Director of Photography
  • Avi Mizrahi – Sound Editor
  • Ellyot – Original Music
  • Yoav Raz – Online Editor
  • Erez Laufer – Directorial and Editorial Consultant
  • Tammy Cohen – Post Production Supervisor


  • Yosi Even Kama
  • Prof. Uzi Even
  • Dr. Amit Kama
  • Gal Uchovsky
  • Ellyot
  • Rommey Hassman
  • Ronen Vanrero
  • Dr. Amalia Ziv
  • Uri Yanetz
  • Michal Eden
  • Eytan Fox
  • Avinof Frumer
  • Adir Steiner
  • Shimon Shirazi
  • Illana Shirazi