Let's Dance

Efrat Amit, Gabriel Bibliowicz, Assaf Amir
2016, 72 min, Hebrew, Documentary

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Let's Dance! is a documentary about the phenomenal success of Israeli contemporary Modern Dance

Let’s Dance! examines how Israel, despite its reputation as a militaristic and “macho” society, became a recognized world leader in Modern Dance, and formed part of its historical development. Through spectacular pieces of video-dance, rich archive material, interviews, and visual demonstrations, the film follows the circumstances that made Israeli Modern Dance one of the greatest local cultural achievements to date. 

It also examines the interrelation between two phenomena of the 20th century – Modern Dance (especially German Modern Dance) and Zionism (the evolution of the Israeli society). Let’s Dance looks at the joint effort exerted by these two movements to disconnect from the bonds of tradition and to create a new and revolutionary identity which stands for simplicity and social involvement.



Gabriel Bibliowicz


  • Gabriel Bibliowicz – Director
  • Assaf Amir, Tammy Cohen – Producers
  • Efrat Amit – Scriptwriter and Content Editor
  • Ofer Dori – Director of Photography
  • Gal Muggia – Editor
  • Daniel Zilberberg, Yuval Agasi, Amir Manor – Research 
  • Lily Youdinsky – Visual Research 
  • Uri Kinorot – Original Score


  • Ohad Naharin
  • Rami Be’er
  • Yonatan Carmon 
  • Sharon Eyal
  • Yasmeen Godder
  • Dani Karavan 
  • Barak Marshall 
  • Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak
  • Renana Raz
  • Rina Schenfeld 
  • Ido Tadmor 
  • Yair Vardi

Funding & Support