Eval Balachsan and Noam Sheizaf, 2015

50 min, Hebrew, Documentary

"A new look on the story of Uzi Meshulam"
Itai Stern

International Film Festival Haifa,

Official Competition



Rabbi Uzi Meshulam, a popular Yemenite leader, and his followers barricaded themselves demanding the state of Israel to investigate the disappearance of Yemenite children.

Yahud 1994. A minor construction dispute on Passover Eve turns into a live drama that occupies the whole country during 50 days. Rabbi Uzi Meshulam, a popular and charismatic Yemenite leader, barricades himself in his house with his armed followers, demanding to set up a commission of inquiry for the disappearance of thousands of Yemenite children during the first years of the State of Israel. While the media was lunging itself onto the story, politicians were making visits to the house in Yahud, and the police was threatening to violently break into the site, the Yemenite children’s affair rose on the public agenda with unprecedented force, revealing wounds that were never healed and stirring historical and political conflicts.



Eyal Balachsan
Eval Balachsan
Noam Sheizaf
Noam Sheizaf


  • Eyal Balachsan, Noam Sheizaf – Directors
  • Assaf Amir – Producer
  • Oded Kirma – Director of Photography
  • Hagai Lazar – Editor
  • Tammy Cohen – Line Producer


  • Ami Meshulam
  • Major General Gabi Lest
  • Eitan Haber
  • Abraham Poraz
  • Adi Katz
  • David Tzur
  • Asaf Hefetz
  • Chief Superintendent Shlomi Kaatbi
  • Commander Eli Landau
  • Yoram Vinokor
  • Noam Akbas
  • Yigal Yosef