Reaching for Heaven

Hebrew, Drama Series
1st season: 2000, 8 episodes, 25 min
2nd Season: 2005, 7 episodes, 35 min

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"Reaching for Heaven is an outstanding Israeli TV series. We’ve waited a long time for something like that"
Rogel Alper
"It is wisely cast, sensitively directed and brings out the best in this small and intimate ensemble."
Nili Landsman
"Zilberschatz's screen presence is laudable and moving and the extent of her expression infinite."
Tamar Gelvitz

Best TV Drama
(Jerusalem International Film Festival, 2000)

Best Dramatic Series
(Israeli Academy Award, 2001)

Best Actress
(Israeli Academy Awards, 2005)


Reaching for heaven is an authentic and honest depiction of a family facing a great crisis. The central conflict of the series consists of the struggle between religious and secular lifestyles, on the one hand, and the family’s attempts to stay together, on the other.

Reaching for Heaven’s first season follows the lives of an ordinary Tel Aviv family coping with the father’s newly adopted religious commitment. The whole family does its best to preserve its unity, although none of the family is willing to join the father in his new way of life.  The story is told from the mother’s point of view, and as the central character she is the children’s main support as they slowly lose their father, and a source of emotional strength to her husband who is in the process of changing his entire way of life.

The second season describes what is happening to the family five years later. Ronny is living in an illegal religious Jewish settlement in the Occupied Territories but is still very much involved in the lives of his two children. His discussions with Nurit over matters concerning the children usually end in a fight. Nurit is still looking for a new life for herself, Oded is up for military service and Shira is reaching puberty.  The children are torn between their parents.  On the background of the explosive social-political situation in Israel, with disengagement from Gaza and from some of the West Bank settlements looming on the horizon, the fate of the Aviram family cannot fail to excite our interest.



Shlomo Mashiach
Assaf Amir


Yankul Goldwasser
Roni Ninio


  • Orly Zilberschatz – Nurit
  • Yoram Chatav – Roni
  • Menahem Zilberman – The Lawyer
  • Tzahi Grad – Mano
  • Ofer Seker – Oded
  • Carmel Sidi – Shira
  • Eli Keren-Asaf – Shira
  • Samuel Vilozny – Pharmacist
  • Sarah Adler – Hadas


  • Yankul Goldwasser & Roni Ninio – Directors
  • Assaf Amir (1st season), Assaf Amir, Guy Lavie (2nd season) – Producers
  • Shlomo Mashiach, Nir Bergman (episode 5, 1st season)Scriptwriter 
  • (Based on a book by Ora Morag “One Hundred New Apples”)
  • Assaf Amir, Shlomo Mashiach – Series Creators
  • Itay Ne’eman – Director of Photography
  • Adi Sarig, Ayala Bengad – Editor
  • Ido Dolev – Art Director
  • Uri Offir (1st season), Shmulik Noifeld (2nd season) – Original Score
  • Orit Azulay – Casting
  • Ety Benun – Makeup Artist
  • Merav Nahum – 1st Assistant Director
  • Yoav Roeh – Line Producer

Funding & Support