Walk The Dog

Created by: Shirley Mushayuff and Nir Bergman
Hebrew, Drama Series, 2009
Six Part Series - 45 minutes each episode

“Nir Bergman moves with virtuosity on the thin ice between depression and joy, optimism and despair... The series rises to heights we forgot possible”
Yaron Frid
“A touching experience of heartbreaking drama”
Ilan Shaul
Israel Post


Four stories that occur on the same building, during a 24-hour period, dealing with martial crisis, infidelity and forbidden love.

Walk  the Dog is a six-part dramatic series that examines monogamy today.  ‎It focuses on three stories which deal respectively with a marital crisis, ‎infidelity and forbidden love  — all of which take place during the course of ‎one day in the lives of the protagonists.  Each of the stories is a personal ‎drama in itself but each also includes scenes from the parallel dramas. In ‎the last episode the three stories reach a common climax. ‎



Merav Nahoum
Merav Zurel-Shaked


Nir Bergman


  • Shirly Mushayuff, Nir Bergman – Creators
  • Nir Bergman – Director
  • Assaf Amir – Producer
  • Binyamin Hiram ‎ – Director of Photography
  • Ayala Ben-Gad, Tali Weisman, Sasha Franklin – Editors
  • Avi Belleli – Original Score
  • Yossi Applebaum – Sound Design
  • Ido Dolev – Art Director


  • Moni Moshonov
  • Orly Zilbershatz-Banai
  • Rami Hoiberger
  • Ronit Bergman
  • Neta Riskin
  • Tzachi Grad ‎
  • Noa Barkai
  • Itamar Tzur

Funding & Support