Castles in the Sky

Merav Nahoum, Merav Zurel Shaked, Nir Bergman
Hebrew, Drama Series, 2009
13 episodes - 45 minutes per episode

“Nir Bergman draws an intimate web of voices, nuances and happenings that captures the audience from the first episode. The girls’ excellent performance hits all the right spots”
Noa Rubin
““Migdalim Ba’avir” brings a local sincerity. A talented team of creators and actors make it into a touching series“
Yaron Frid


Castles in the Sky is a TV drama surrounding the lives of three sisters who find themselves back at home on the eve of their parents' 35th anniversary.

On the 35th anniversary of Pnina and Reuben, an apparently ideal couple, their three daughters un-expectantly come back to live at home – it’s a full house again.

There is Roni, just recently separated and the mother of 6-year-old Zohar; Aya, a successful musician who has just come back to Israel on a surprise visit from New York; and Hilly, a medical student and top achiever in everything but her romantic relationships. Roni and Aya, each unhappy for reasons of her own, come back to the home that Hilly has never succeeded in leaving.

While the girls are busy trying to reorganize their lives, an unexpected crisis breaks out. An old family secret comes to light and throws everyone into confusion, smashing to smithereens the myth of their parents’ ideal relationship.

The revelation forces all members of the family, particularly the three daughters, into a reassessment of their lives.  They pass through crises and change as they confront themselves, their relationships and their romantic choices, in the present and in the past.

This is a story of family and love and the price one must pay for maintaining them or casting them aside.



Merav Nahoum
Merav Zurel-Shaked


Nir Bergman


  • Merav Nahoum, Merav Zurel-Shaked – Creators and Scriptwriters
  • Nir Bergman – Director
  • Assaf Amir, Maria Feldman– Producers
  • Binyamin Nimrod Hiram – Director of Photography
  • Ayala Bengad, Rony Eisemann, Adi Sarig – Editors
  • Ido Dolev – Art Director
  • Ran Bagno – Original Score
  • Karin Elbaz, Karin Geva – Makeup Artists
  • Noa Yallon – Customs Design
  • Liron Zohar, Naama Zeltzman – Casting


  • Noa Barkai – Roni Sobol
  • Tali Sharon – Aya Sobol
  • Adva Bolla – Hilly Sobol
  • Alon Oleartchik – Reuben Sobol
  • Irit Gidron – Yael Sobol
  • Alon Pdut – Yoav
  • Dani Geva – Uri

Funding & Support