Chasing yehoshua

Director: Shay Fogelman

Documentary , 82 Minutes , 2019

Israeli Competition

Docaviv 2019


Manhunt on radical West Bank settler turns into clever psychological portrait of loner with a tormented soul..

Chasing Yehoshua begins in the West Bank during September 2004 when Yehoshua Elitzur, a settler who shot an innocent Palestinian taxi driver dead, was found guilty and put under house-arrest until the court’s verdict. On the day of the verdict Yehoshua doesn’t show up – From that point on, Shay Fogelman, who covered the story for “Ha’aretz,” will do anything to find Yehoshua. The journey will carry Shay across continents, to places he never thought he would find himself, and to the realization that he’s probably the only person who is still chasing Yehoshua.



Shay Fogelman



  • Shay Fogelman – Director
  • Assaf Amir – Producer
  • Uri Smoly – Associate Producer
  • Shay Fogelman – Editors
  • Avner Shahaf, David Zarif – Directors of Photography
  • Aramin Hirsch – Researcher
  • Aviv Aldema – Sound Design


Attorney Zion Amir
Attorney Adi Keydar, “Honenu”
Shimon Ifargan
Muhammad a-Shtaya
Yasmin a-Shtaya
Biatris Lampe
Attorney Nurit Kornhauzer
Dr. Ota Kula
Kristal Wimmer and Fritz Glonek
Father Thadeus
Cosmas Wimmer
Inspector Marcelo Sabdi Baltazar