Open Your Mouth

Director: Tamara Mamon

Documentary , 58 Minutes , 2019

Official Selection

Docaviv 2019


In the most difficult place, three Arab boys confront the challenges of life.

Omar, Muhammad and Yazan are three 12-year-olds from Lod. The boys are in their last year of elementary school, beginning to confront the challenges of life: Omar will deal with his father’s illness, Yazan will need to overcome the consequences of his violent behavior and Muhammad will prepare to leave Lod and the friends he loves so much. When Ella, a Jewish woman who emigrated from the former Soviet Union founds a choir in their school, she invites them to a safe and fantastic environment that will challenge the stark reality awaiting beyond the classroom walls and the real journey which occurs in the souls of the children.



Tamara Mamon


  • Tamara Mamon – Director
  • Assaf Amir – Producer
  • Uri Smoly – Associate Producer
  • Uriya Hertz – Editors
  • May Abadi – Directors of Photography
  • Shahaf Wagshall – Sound Design
  • Ophir Leibovich- Original Score


  • Yazan Musrati
  • Omar Shkeyr
  • Muhammad Abu Yosef
  • Ella Nurodowich
  • Mohammad Alkam
    Kammel el-Jamal
    Abdallah Daud
    Salah Dasuki
    Husni Ahawadi
    Ahmad al Halili
    Abed el-Qader Taradin
    Zuheir Elassiwi
    Mohammad Zeitun
    Noah Nofel
    Ikhya alNakeeb
    Nassif alMarbo’a
    Mohammad Azbarga
    Ismail Ammawi
    Ahmad Azbarga
    Mohammad Kafaiya
    Hamza Abu Kubeyza
    Sammar Salame
    Wajdi Shkeyr
    Zaharan Salame
    Adul Shkeyr
    Mohammad Musrati
    Hassan Musrati
    Abdallah Musrati
    Nasrin Musrati
    Zaher AlZinati
    Muna Abu Hammad
    Hanin Issa
    Fatma Al-Huari
    Ikhlas Abu Musa
    Nabil Salame
    Amar Drabas
    Alaa al Jamal
    Majd Anthil