The Cemetery Club

Tali Shemesh, 2006, 90 min, Hebrew, Polish, Documentary

"A celebration of life. Sensitive, clever, funny and above all compassionate"
Haim Keinan
Kol Israel
"A very beautiful film with precious moments."
Ya'ir Raveh
"One of the most moving documentaries I've seen in years."
Ya'ir Hochner
"an Audience enchanter… At times wickedly funny, at others poignantly human…docu with scope and depth"
Deborah Young
"A brilliant documentary requiem. A film full of human compassion and hypnotizing melancholy, that succeeds touching this thing called art"
Yaron Tan-Brink
Yediot Ahronot

Best Documentary
Dok Leipzig International Film Festival, 2006

The European Film Academy Nomination for Best Documentary, 2006

The Mayor of Tel-Aviv – Jaffa Award, The Photography Award
Docaviv International Film Festival, 2006

Official Competition, HotDocs International Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2006

Festival de Cannes Canne, France, tous les cinéma du monde, 2006

Best Asian Documentary
Shanghai Film Festival, 2006


A touching, humorous portrait of two elderly women, long-time friends, now facing the collapse of the group that has given meaning to their lives: The Cemetery Club.

or over two decades, the “Mt. Herzl Academy” has held its weekly meeting at the Mount Herzl National Cemetery in Jerusalem. Seated between the graves of the nation’s dignitaries, they debate the history of modern philosophy, read poetry and eat lunch. Director Tali Shemesh has been following the “Academy” for the last 5 years, focusing on two members: Minia, the director’s grandmother, and Lena, her great aunt. The film unravels the jagged, intense, almost impossible relationship between these two extremely different women, who remain bound together by history and Fate. As death decimates the group that has given meaning to their lives, the film explores the conflicts between Lena and Minia, and the family secrets that haunt them.



Tali Shemesh
Tali Shemesh


  • Tali Shemesh – Director
  • Assaf Amir, Guy Lavie – Producers
  • Sharon De-Mayo (Shark) – Director of Photography
  • Aliza Esquira – Editor
  • Rona Keinan, Eldad Gwetta– Original Score
  • Motti Hefetz, Eli Taragan – Sound Recording
  • Aviv Aldema – Sound Design


  • Lena Bar-Barchar
  • Minia Robin
  • Herman Barchar
  • Yehuda & Ester Kahana
  • Eva Pashmislavsky
  • Nesya Laichter